Best Shoes by Demonia for a Gothic Look

The Demonia line of footwear is produced by Pleaser USA, Inc., best known for its provocative collection of high heels and boots that are the favorites of exotic dancers.

The Demonia Look

Demonia Shoes reflect an unapologetic, defiant lifestyle and can add to a wardrobe that is functional, nonconforming, and reflects an attitude that would proudly reject mainstream fashion and society at whole. Demonia footwear pushes the envelope of fashion, and it has many fans that look to add something alternative and edgy to their wardrobe rotation.

You may have some room for a pair of thigh-high pink leather heels to accessorize a cosplay outfit, or thick buckled platform boots channeling your inner steampunk. Below, let’s spotlight some Demonia footwear for your unique style.

Goth Style

The gothic, or goth, aesthetic adopts dark imagery that emulates the post-punk genre emerging from the 1980s. This genre pushed back at the pastel colors of that decade and the slick fashion of the disco 70s prior.

The goth look is dominated by black or dark-colored clothing tinged with scarlet or purple. This style typically draws upon Victorian-era and musical influences. The emphasis on black extends to the dyed hair, excessively dark makeup, and black or dark-colored nail polish.

The goth look can be as somber as a black trench coat or project flamboyance with Elizabethan-influenced ruffled cuffs and lace corsets. The footwear can vary in style and design, can be utilitarian or flamboyant, and is almost always black. Building your own alternative style can be a fun and unique challenge and during the process you may draw from many different styles and influences. Let’s face it; we all want to stand out in a crowd and there’s no better way to do that than by having your own personal style.

Demonia offers a few suggestions to accessorize your unique Demonia Cult Style:

  • The Poison 101, the wedge ankle-boot with a hard edge. Straps, studs, and a pentagram charm are the statement piece to an otherwise tame and comfy boot for a day spent stomping through the cemetery. 
  • The Defiant Series, unisex ankle boots with chains and buckles and fierce attitude that can transcend any Industrial, Grunge, Goth, or Punk look. 
  • The Creeper Series, the classic platforms that started it all. 

Take it from us, you’ll find the perfect of a pair of Demonia Shoes to add to your alt fashion wardrobe; the hard part will be choosing just one. There’s a reason the Demonia Cult is nearly 200,000 strong on social media and still firmly rooted in alternative fashion scene. We make shoes for the dark and witchy, the flamboyant and whimsical, the rave and festival queens and everything in between.