How to Buy Demonia Shoes Online

You have a big weekend coming up. You're planning on meeting some friends at the club and showing off your new Demonia shoes. They won't believe how tall and/or brightly colored and goth you're going to look! The only problem is - you can't leave the house. We've all been there. You're too busy. You have work or class, or some other boring responsibility that is keeping you from shopping for the enormous boots you so richly deserve. Fortunately, there's this little thing known as the internet, but is it cool to buy shoes on line? Of course it is! Just keep in mind these simple rules.

Know Your Size, People

It isn't all that hard, and yet it is. Every shoe is different and every brand seems to go by their own size. If you have a Demonia at home, check the measurements and use that as your guide. If not, next time you're out shopping, see what size Demonia works for you and make a note somewhere. Write it on your foot for easy reference (OK, maybe not).

Um... These Aren't Going to Work

Research the return policy of the online store. Do they offer full refunds or a store credit? Will they pay for shipping? What is the turnaround they allow for returns? You don't want to be shipped a pair of Keds in a size 16 and not know what to do with them. That would ruin the whole weekend. (See hypothetical club date above.)

Play It Safe

Look, these shoes are cool and dangerous and... whatever the kids are saying these days, but if you're going to buy Demonia shoes online, you'll want your online store to be as secure as possible. Make sure wherever you're shopping that your online store has a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate - that's that little padlock image on the lower right-hand corner of your browser when you checkout. And when you pay, use your PayPal account or a credit card - not a debit card - as those are the safest ways to spend online.

Follow these simple rules and you're all set to impress your friends (and bitter enemies) with your new, online-purchased, Demonia shoes.