5 Hacks That Will Make Your Shoes More Comfortable

There are few things more aggravating than a pair of uncomfortable shoes. Do you have flip flops that are rubbing your feet raw? Are the backs of your hiking shoes building bubbling blisters? These 5 hacks will make your shoes more comfortable and will make you love shopping for Funtasma shoes.

A Fabric Flip Flop Redo

For a quick fix that will keep your feet looking great and feeling awesome, tie or wrap the straps of your flip flops with soft and stylish fabric. Your feet and your shoes will look better and no more chafing from the straps to boot!

Tape Those Toes

Use medical tape to tape your third and fourth toes together to relieve strain on the nerves in your toes. This is particularly useful for those nights you go out with your high heel shoes on.

Deodorize Your Feet

Although putting clear gel deodorant on the backs of your heels and shoes will probably make them smell flowery fresh, this isn’t the only reason to apply this hack to your life. Clear gel deodorant puts a barrier between the back of your foot and your shoe, making blisters a thing of the past.

Tea Bags for Stinky Toes

Your feet are not known for being the freshest smelling appendage you have, so it’s understandable if your favorite shoes absorb some of the odor. Fortunately, putting tea bags in the toes of your shoes will absorb the smell (and hopefully replace it with your favorite tea scent).

Make Strappy Shoes More Pleasant

If you have shoes with straps, apply moleskin to the underside of the straps so they don’t rub against your skin. This is a good way to take care of your Funtasma shoes and your feet at once. There are a lot of different ways that you can make your shoes work for you. If you struggle with tender toes or hurting heels, try these hacks on for size.