Choosing Couture Shoes for Your Next Date

You're getting ready for your big date. Maybe it's dinner and a movie, or perhaps a concert. Whether it's a first date, or a night out with your long-term partner, you know you want to look your best. But, looking your best - and making the best impression - is more than just your outfit. The look you're going for won't be complete without just the right pair of devious shoes. For pin-up couture, Pleaser Shoes is the perfect place to begin your search, because if you're flashing a new pair of wicked pumps, you'll need to choose wisely.

Keep It Classy

There's a reason pin-up shoes are still popular. The pin-up couture-style shoe has a stylish glamour that goes back to Bettie Page and beyond. The kind of luxurious black heels you'll find in Pleaser's Bella line are as fashionable now as they were 50 years ago, and nothing finishes off an outfit better than a pair of sleek, graceful old-school pumps.

Or... Get a Little Dangerous

Pin-up couture is supposed to be fun, so you can take a little chance and still be sophisticated. Go flashy with a leopard skin pattern, or black and white stripes. Or, find something adorned with a bow or a crazy design for a flirty, playful look. There are dozens of gorgeous styles in the Bettie and CutiePie categories in a wide variety of different patterns and shapes.


Color Is Important

Naturally, you'll want to wear something that works well with the outfit. If you're wearing something colorful, the brightly colored or patterned shoes may be a bit much, so you'll want to stick to standard black. If you're going with a simpler outfit, or a black dress, that's the time to whip out the splashy Betties.


Be Comfortable

The most important thing is that you feel confident, and you can't do that if your feet hurt. Make sure the shoes fit properly. It shouldn't feel like a workout - you don't need "pain" to have "gain."

Once you've found the look you're going for - and your shoes feel and look sharp - you're all set to sport your pin-up couture shoes for that big night out.