Choosing the Best Shoes from Pleaser

When it comes to Pleaser Shoes, it’s about the heels. It’s about the construction. It’s about the straps that bind the pair to feet to make a startling, sensuous statement.

The Pleaser brand of women’s footwear is not for the prudish. Pleaser’s massive footwear collection ranges from sublime to retro-inspired to fetish and more; they are attention-getters befitting their brand as the footwear of choice of exotic dancers, fitness models, and celebrities such as Lady Gaga. These days, you can view women in bistros and nightclubs settled high atop Pleaser six-inch heels.

Pleaser footwear pushes the envelope of fashion, and has many fans who seek to add something daring to their wardrobe. You may have some room for a pair of pink platforms or thigh-high leather boots suitable for pole dancing. More likely, your choice of PleaserShoes will be a stylish, even practical, lifestyle decision.

Choice Tips

If you are looking to add these to your collection, check out these helpful tips before you make a choice:

  • Consider your physical stature. Take into account your height, frame, weight, and build to avoid a risky balancing act in these high heels.
  • Choose a sole comfortable enough to walk in. A sole three-quarters of an inch to one-and-one-half inches is suitable for women to walk reasonably well.
  • Fans of the footwear suggest that beginners start out at six-inch heels, specifically the Aspire line of footwear. If you can navigate those comfortably, you can move up to seven and eight-inch heels.

The style of shoes you select and where you plan to wear them is an important consideration. Pleaser is a brand that is synonymous with sexy, sensuous, provocative, and wild. What may be perfect for date night may not be appropriate in the office.

Pleaser Shoes has been ahead of the curve in footwear fashion since its founding in 1993. The variety of its brands has created a loyal following extending to costumers, dancers, goths and Mary Janes, discerning connoisseurs, boudoir role players, and women who seek a daring and alternative addition to their wardrobe.

These tips can be helpful in your selection of a pair of Pleaser Shoes. Pleasers are stylish and sensuous footwear, and are firmly established in an alternative lifestyle.