How to Be Comfortable in Pleaser Shoes

You’ve had your eye on some fantastic Demonia shoes or that new pair of Funtasma shoes. However, you just can’t bring yourself to pull the trigger on these shoes because you’re worried they might not be comfortable. Here are some steps you can take to make your new shoes easier to wear.

Pay Attention to Your Foot Shape

Those peep toe shoes may be completely adorable, but if you have square shaped feet, you’ll regret your purchase every time you wear them. Find shoes that will work with your foot shape. Square feet tend to do better with round toe shoes, while feet that are long and slender do better in shorter heels as they tend to slide in higher heels.

Shoe Size Matters

If the last pair of shoes are not exactly your size, you’ll do better skipping them. Size matters when it comes to heels, and to be comfortable, you’ll need to wear the correct size for your feet. Buying the wrong size is another situation where you’ll regret that purchase.

Walk Properly

Walking in high heels requires you to practice a proper walk. You want to remember to step from heel to toe. Not walking normally in your heels can result in ankle pain, backaches, and other problems that come from your posture being off.

Practice Often

Don’t only wear your heels when someone is watching. Wear them at home for short periods of time to help you get used to them.

Cushy Inserts

The right inserts in your shoes can make a world of difference in how you feel as you wear them. High heels make you put more of your weight on the ball of your foot, and this can be painful. Not all high heels are created equally when it comes to the padding they begin with, so adding an insert can be great.

These tips should help you in feeling more comfortable with wearing high heels that bring out the diva in you. Check out Pleaser Shoes to find some of the best styles around. We’d love to help you find your next favorite pair of heels.