Latest Trends in Pin-Up Couture Shoes

Shoes can complete any look, and if you're working to pull off a retro style, you certainly need to find the right shoe. Pinup Couture shoes are certainly a great option for this. Ranging in many different styles, this lineup of shoes has many options for you to choose from. It's high time you explore the trends in their product line. Here are some of the latest trends:


If you've chosen Pinups before, you'll know that their products are generally sorted by their shape. Ranging from differences in heights and curves, there are many options to fit your style. Here are some of the top trends in shape:

  • Sleek & Sexy: This shape is achieved with a higher heel and a sleek point to the toe; varieties include the Bella, Bombshell, and Pleasure.
  • Curvy: This shape is defined by its rounder and deeper toe; varieties include the Bettie, Cutiepie, and Teeze

The shape is also defined by accents included in the exterior that can really change a shoe's look. The hottest trend for accents to the shape, by far, is a nice bow.


The retro style has a handful of different directions that you can take with it, and these shoes will definitely help you. Here are the top trends in colors and patterns:

  • Monochromatic
  • Polka dots
  • Animal prints


The material covering the shoe is also an important factor in your choice because they have a powerful impact on the tone you're trying to set. Here are the top trends in material:

  • Soft velvets: Paired with a soft pastel, this trend carries a very delicate look; a popular example is Bettie-03.
  • Dark patent leather: Nothing archives a sleek style like patent leather's glossy finish; a popular example is Cutiepie-08.

When it comes to an outfit, shoes can mean everything, so don't just settle for a bland flat. Try something very unique in its own and check out Pinup Couture shoes. If you're looking to buy Pin-Up shoes, there are plenty of options for you to complete any look!