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Mermaidcore Shoes for the Summer

From Alaia to Balmain to Bottega Veneta, Mermaidcore style hit the runways and is on the way to your closet. This popular social media trend finds inspiration via film and...

From Alaia to Balmain to Bottega Veneta, Mermaidcore style hit the runways and is on the way to your closet. This popular social media trend finds inspiration via film and television mermaids from The Little Mermaid, Aquamarine, H20, and more. With more than 14 billion views on TikTok, Mermaidcore is the perfect summer trend. Look for seashells, sequins, pearls, ruffles, bows, and other hyper-feminine details for your mermaid-inspired outfit. While not all mermaids walk on two legs, you can strut your stuff with the perfect mermaid shoes all summer.

Sparkly Mermaid Shoes 

Expect to see the Mermaidcore aesthetic explode as a spring trend this year too. Sparkly sandals are one of the easiest ways to complete a Mermaidcore outfit.

What could be better for the Mermaidcore aesthetic than the Moon-711MER platform ankle strap sandals? These 7” sandals feature 2 ¾” cut-out platforms featuring blacklight reactive swimming mermaids inside. Mini iridescent glitter covers the blue ombre platform bottoms – transporting you directly to an underwater world. 

The Sky-308MC sandals are fit for an under-the-sea adventure. Holographic mermaid scales fill the 7” heels and 2 ¾” platforms. Clear ankle straps elongate your legs until you’re ready to jump back into the waves. 

If you’re more Ursula than Ariel, then the Adore-709GP purple ankle strap sandals fit the bill. The fully-wrapped platform bottoms feature iridescent glitter. Scoop them up in navy and teal if blue is more your vibe. 

Sexy Siren Mermaid Shoes

Embrace your dark side with Mermaidcore’s spooky sister, Sirencore. While Mermaidcore showcases a lighter side of femininity, Sirencore is sexy – think lace and fishnet rather than bows and pearls. 

The Adore-1020HFN ankle boots feature holographic fishnet uppers and inky chrome-plated platform bottoms. Rock these 7” heels with 2 ¾” platforms – a comfortable height for any aspiring sea creature. 

Our fan-favorite Delight silhouette offers two options to appeal to your inner siren. The Delight-696LC lace-up booties feature mesh panels with lace overlap and lace trim. Open-toe and open-back details complete the sexy look. The sleek and modern Delight-636 sling-back sandals feature mesh uppers with a chic ankle clasp.

Ocean Blue Mermaid Shoes

Nothing says summer quite like blue skies and clear blue ocean water. Whether you prefer to swim in the ocean or hang by the pool in the warm weather, these blue-hued shoes are perfect for the Mermaidcore aesthetic. 

The Adore-708OMBRE ankle strap sandals are the perfect summer platform sandal. The clear straps elongate your legs, but the real showstoppers are the platform bottoms covered with multi-colored ombre glitter.

Another summer favorite are the Flamingo-808SS ankle strap sandals with 8” heels and 4” platforms. The gradient-effect holographic glitter on the platform bottoms looks like a deep ocean dive. 

Do you rock boots through all four seasons? Try the Adore-1040SPF blue ankle boots featuring fully-wrapped matching platform bottoms in deep blue. For a lighter blue hue, try the 8-inch Flamingo-1040GP ankle boots.

More Summer Shoes from Pleasers

We featured some of our favorite summer shoes above, but the fun doesn’t stop there! If blue isn’t your favorite color, try pink high heels for spring and summer. If you’re planning for a specific event – like a European vacation or a summer music festival – check out our guide to summer shoes for vacation and beyond

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