Pleaser Shoes For A Happy New Year

The new year is almost here! Countries around the world celebrate the holiday in many different ways with unique traditions, and we’ve found Pleaser styles that are fit for them all.

Here in the United States, we love to tune in to watch the ball drop in Times Square when midnight hits New York City. Then, of course, we pull a special someone in for a kiss! Get into the New York spirit in the Kiss-210. These 6” heels are bright and shiny like the Times Square ball — just add your own 2021 lettering and you’ll be set!

We also like to cheers with champagne at midnight. In many parts of Latin America, people also do this, but they drop a gold ring into the glass to wish for future wealth. Channel the look of a tall glass of champagne in the Infinity-930LG. These strappy sandals have a mighty 9” heel and 5-1/4" platform all covered in gold glitter.

In the Philippines, circles represent coins, which mean prosperity. On New Year’s Eve, many Filipinos wear polka dots in the hopes that it will bring them wealth in the new year. They also jump up in the air at midnight because they hope it will make them grow taller. You won’t even need to jump if you’re wearing the Bordello Teeze-25 — the heels are already 5-3/4"! They’re covered in wealth-bearing polka dots, so they’re sure to be lucky too.

Brazilians see the color white as a sign of peace and prosperity, so the whole country wears white on New Year’s Eve. Bring peace to your home in the Adore-1018. These 7” stiletto boots feature a white faux leather upper with ties up the back. The look is simple, elegant, and peaceful — and these boots will definitely help you prosper in the future.

Many Latin American countries believe that the color underwear you wear on New Year’s Eve determines your fortune for the new year. If you’re seeking love, wear red underwear — and the Adore-3063 boots. These amazingly sexy boots are sure to tell anyone that you’re ready for love and you want it now! If your goal for the new year is financial success, wear yellow underwear and try the Amuse-20 pumps. These 5” stiletto heels glow in the dark, which is sure to make midnight celebrations even more fun.

Scottish people have a practice called “first-footing,” where the first person who enters the home after midnight determines the luck for the household for the rest of the year. It’s most lucky if the visitor is a dark-haired man carrying coal. Make yourself lucky by wearing the Adore-1020 in black faux leather. These 7” lace-up boots are a bit nicer than coal, and still dark!

On New Year’s Day, the Bahamas celebrates with a Junkanoo parade. Participants dance down the street in elaborate costumes to the beat of goatskin drums and other percussion instruments. Get into the spirit with the Delight-1017RSF. These shoes are made for partying since they’re covered in rhinestone fringe. The 6” heel and 1-3/4" platform are the perfect height for dancing, too!

No matter what you wear to celebrate, you’re sure to look fabulous if you’re wearing a pair of Pleaser Shoes. From all of us: Happy New Year!