The Complete Guide to Women’s Footwear

You are unique. You have your own quirks and personality traits and you express those through your individual sense of style. From head to toe, you pick your outfit with the expressed intent of showing the world who you are. Every item you choose is carefully curated to cohesively present your identity, and if your shoes could talk, this is what they would say.

The Modern-Day Cinderella Slipper

This slipper isn’t made of glass, but you’ll feel just like a princess stepping out in these clear numbers. This shoe choice tells the world that your feet are clean, and you’ve got nothing to hide!

The Stepped-Up Sandal

Lace these bad boys all the way up to your knee and hit the town fabulous. These devious shoes prove that you are willing to put in the effort, commit to a project and see it through to completion.

The Puffy Pump

You're flirty and cute and you want the world to know it before you even speak! These fuzzy friends show that you aren’t afraid of bold fashion statements because you have the personality and flair to back it up!

The Twist on a Classic

These bedazzled pumps reflect light just as you reflect positivity. They say that you’re a powerful woman who knows how to take charge, have fun, and smile through it all with a positive attitude.

The Glamour Cat

A glittery kitten heel tells the world that you have places to go, people to see and deals to close. You have to be ten places at once and want to look good in all of them.

The Boots Made for Walking

Knee-high boots are less chatty than other shoes. They say that you have secrets that you won’t easily share. Did you shave your calves? Did you paint your toenails? The secret is safe with these fabulicious shoes.