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Which Fun Print From Pleaser Shoes Fits Your Personality?

We all want to wear things that make us feel good. Sometimes that means pulling out your tried-and-true black stilettos and other times it feels amazing to go a little...

We all want to wear things that make us feel good. Sometimes that means pulling out your tried-and-true black stilettos and other times it feels amazing to go a little farther out of your comfort zone. Go ahead — take a risk and feel fabulously sexy in a print with some attitude.

Maybe you gravitate toward bejeweled shoes or something red hot when you’re strutting your stuff, but we bet you’ll fall in love with one of these jaw-dropping prints. Plus, incorporating a bold print into your ensemble will draw even more attention to your stellar moves. 

Animal Print Pole Dancing Shoes To Walk On The Wild Side

What goes with snake print shoes? Confidence. The Adore-1020SP holographic snake print boots come in a glam gold metallic vegan leather. A 7” heel and 2-3/4” matte black platform make this lace-up ankle boot the ideal height for dancing. Boots also offer more stability for your ankles without adding too much weight. If leopard print boots are more your speed, you can swap the snakeskin bootie for the Adore-1020LP

When you’re looking for a pair of sultry and strappy sandals, the holographic Xtreme-808SSP are the snakeskin shoes for you. These are perfect pole dancing shoes for beginners and experts alike, as the sturdy ankle straps keep your shoes firmly on your feet and leave you free to kick and spin all night long. 

For a fun and flirty take on leopard print shoes, try the Delight-601-6 platform peep-toe slides. Wondering where to wear leopard print shoes? With 6” stiletto heels and 1-3/4” platforms, and completed by a sweet red bow on the front, these leopard shoes are great for date night. Available now in sizes 5-14.

Galaxy Print Pole Dancing Shoes That Will Rock Your World

Galaxy print shoes are a trendy way to set yourself apart from the crowd. Glow under the blacklight with the Flamingo-808GXY, a pair of sky-high 8” heels with 4” platforms featuring stabilizing ankle straps and blacklight-reactive galaxy print. Available in sizes 5-10, these shoes will help give you the long lines and angles needed for your floor work.

Shine bright like a diamond! The Adore-709REFL turns your standard dancing sandal on its head with a reflective galaxy effect that works in and out of direct light. If you like the reflective material but want the stability of a boot, you’ll be over-the-moon for the heavenly skyscape of the Adore-1018REFL. With an open toe and heel, these lace-up ankle boots eclipse the competition with galaxy-print reflective vegan leather and hidden money zipper pockets.

Dance up a storm in a pair of Adore-709NLB 7” stiletto heels with a black ankle strap and a 2-¾” platform. The distinctive UV- and blacklight-reactive lightning bolt design will light up the night sky no matter the weather!

Even More Fun Prints For All Pole Dancers

Not only do the new Adore-1020CM ankle boots feature a camouflage pattern upper, but the mesh fishnet overlay adds texture and taste. You’ll feel powerful in these lace-up camo boots, which are available in sizes 5-12.

For something fresh and feminine, try the Flamingo-809WR platform ankle strap sandals in floral print. Easy to walk in and even easier to style, these shoes are guaranteed to go with everything in your closet.

Want some added oomph to go with your classic black platform sandals? The Adore-708N-TAR has vinyl straps that are perfect for pole work -- with a little twist of tartan thrown in for good measure.  

Taking Care of Your Pleaser Shoes

Whether you’re performing floor work, kicks, slides, or sweeps, we know your Pleaser Shoes are an investment you want to protect. Follow our tips for taking care of your Pleaser Shoes — and remember that the first step is ordering a well-made pair! Plus, sign up for Pleaser Rewards to save on our newest additions and most-loved heels.

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