6 Ways To Pull Yourself Out of a Flop Era

It’s officially time for a seasonal reset. Maybe you’ve strayed from your New Year’s resolutions, or you’re starting to feel the seasonal malaise hit harder now that the holidays are over. Colloquially, we call this a flop era because, no matter how hard you try, you’re just not slaying as much as you should be. We compiled the Internet’s tried and true methods to pull yourself out of a flop era, get back on track with your goals for this year, and live to slay another day. 

Rebrand Yourself

If you’re in your flop era, don’t worry – you’re in good company. Almost every famous pop star has entered a flop era at least once. Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Cher – the list goes on. The ones who’ve bounced back share one thing in common: they rebranded, babe! If your job, relationship, apartment, or hobbies are not serving you, maybe it’s time for a personal refresh. Work on your relationships, ask for what you need at your job, and try new things! You might just enter a whole new era.

Embrace Your Flop Era

In her Burning Thoughts column for W Magazine, award-winning journalist Harron Walker shares her answer to the anxiety of a flop era: “Who cares?” Like Mariah, Christina, and Cher before her, Walker hit a wall in her professional and personal life. Instead of letting these changes define her, Walker embraced her flop era. In doing so, she gained perspective and realized challenges and failures result in an interesting life. Let go of your insecurities and embrace the flop.

Do the Hard Things First

TikTok user @charlottereimer’s first rule for getting out of a flop era is a sure-fire way to beat procrastination: do the hard things first. People gravitate toward more simple tasks when they’re struggling. While this strategy offers short-term gains, research shows that tackling more difficult tasks first leads to less fatigue and more stimulation. Break up your larger to-do list items into smaller pieces to feel like you’re progressing, but don’t be afraid to slay that big project at home or work. 

Stay Active

Another one of Charlotte’s rules, staying active is a great way to push past a flop era (and get back on track with your fitness goals, too). Try a yoga class in place of a long pole dancing session. Yoga reduces stress, helps regulate your breathing, and stretches your feet. Yoga’s many benefits launched it into our six cross-training tips for pole dancers.

Feel Free to Be Cringe

In her excellent article for Vice, “Will Being Cringe Set You Free? An Investigation,” journalist Chanté Joseph explains that letting go of the fear of embarrassment can lead to self-acceptance. She cites one study for the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology that finds that people trust those who can outwardly acknowledge embarrassment. Worrying about what others think is holding you back. Plus, it’s impossible not to be cringe. Turn what could be a flop into a good story or, even better, viral content (see TikToker holamiday’s video about going to the movies in pajamas).

Eat Chocolate Cake in Bed

As TikTok user @jacimariesmith states, “all you need to get out of your flop era is to eat chocolate cake in bed.” You don’t have to love sweets to apply this advice. Treating yourself and practicing self-care improves your mood if you feel unmotivated or low. Some of our self-care tips include foot massages, luxurious baths, and exercise (see above). 

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