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Back to School: How to Learn Pole Dancing

People of all ages and skill levels can explore pole dancing. Pole dancing is a form of exercise and artistic expression that balances your mind and body. It’s also a...

People of all ages and skill levels can explore pole dancing. Pole dancing is a form of exercise and artistic expression that balances your mind and body. It’s also a valuable skill for professional dancers. In need of a refresher or unsure where to start? Our back-to-school guide covers the basic principles of how to learn pole dancing.

What Are the Benefits of Pole Dancing?

There are many health benefits of pole dancing. Pole dancing is a full-body workout; it requires lower body, upper body and core strength. Pole dancing tones and increases flexibility – it’s also an aerobic exercise, meaning it’s good for your heart. 

Pole dancing helps you build a positive relationship with your body. It combines physical activity with artistry, facilitating creativity as it strengthens and lengthens. Pole dancing also relieves stress and produces endorphins.

How Do You Prepare for Pole Dancing Practice?

You can practice pole dancing at home or at a pole dancing studio. Select breathable, stretchy fabrics when you’re ready to practice pole dancing. The less you wear, the less fabric to snag on the pole. Shorts and tank tops are great options, as contact between your skin and the pole will help your grip.

Pole dancing classes are a great way to practice your moves and get comfortable with the pole. In a typical class, you’ll run through a thorough warm-up before working on poses and tricks. Beginner classes will start with basics like back arches, back hook spins, carousel spins, and more. More advanced pole work may include handsprings and floor choreography. 

Cross-training is necessary when learning how to pole dance to keep your body healthy. Build a strong core, work your upper body, and schedule in recovery days to keep you working toward your pole dancing goals. 

What are the Basic Pole Dancing Moves?

It might be helpful as you begin pole dancing to learn about some basic moves! Here are some of the typical elements of pole dancing:

  • Walking: It might seem simple, but pay attention to your body in relation to the pole. You must learn to walk with graceful, precise steps – especially as you transition from bare feet to pole dancing heels.
  • Sitting: Gripping the pole with your thighs might feel unnatural or difficult at first, but it’s an essential step toward climbing the pole without relying on your hands.
  • Spins: Many spins look elegant, but they aren’t too tricky to master at the beginning of your pole journey.
  • Floor work: Floor choreography, including splits, bicycle legs and hair flicks, is an essential aspect of the art of pole dancing. Before you begin to master more intermediate and advanced pole dancing moves, you can supplement your first routine with floor choreography. 

What Are the Best Pole Dancing Shoes for Beginners? 

While you can practice pole dancing with bare feet, experienced pole dancers agree that pole dancing in heels can help you level up your tricks. High heeled shoes make you feel sexy, elongate your legs, improve your posture, extend your lines and add flair to your routine.

When choosing your first pair of pole dancing shoes, you need to consider the materials, structure and heel height. Higher shoes make inversions easier by getting you higher on the pole more quickly.

The Delight-1020 ankle boots are an excellent choice for beginners. The 6” heels and 1 ¾” platforms are tall enough to reap the benefits of the added height without additional weight. Plus, the faux leather upper gives you extra fabric to grip the pole. 

The Adore-708 is the perfect silhouette when you’re ready to level up to a 7” heel. With clear vinyl ankle strap uppers, these sandals will elongate your legs as they provide extra height and grip for your pole dancing routine. 

Still looking for the right pole dancing shoe? Our Beginner & Basics collection has some of our favorite silhouettes. Choose from sandals and boots expertly designed to help elevate your pole dancing skills – no matter what level you are when you start.

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