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The Best Pleaser Shoes For Floorwork

Floorwork routines are super sexy, whether you just use a few moves to change poles or you have advanced choreography. Floorwork is also easy to practice at home where you...

Floorwork routines are super sexy, whether you just use a few moves to change poles or you have advanced choreography. Floorwork is also easy to practice at home where you might not have a pole. If your routine is focused on floorwork, you may want to consider a different shoe than for a pole-only routine. How do you find the right shoes for floorwork? Here are some things to consider.

Shoe Material Makes A Difference

When you’re doing a lot of sweeps, dips, splits and toe drags, the last thing you want is for your shoe to stick to the ground and throw off your movement. Matte shoes, like the Delight-1020 in black faux leather, slide smoothly across the floor, as opposed to patent.

The other issue you may encounter with a lot of floor work is that colors, fabric, and glitter will quickly rub off. Consider a clear shoe like the Adore-708 for heavy floor work or practicing at home. There’s no color to scuff away, so you can toe drag to your heart’s content. 

If you really don’t want to give up those glitter-covered Adore-708LG shoes, it’s okay. When you’re practicing, wear a sock over your toe box to protect the glitter. We suggest you cut the sock to keep your sole exposed so you don’t slip.

Consider Heel And Platform Height

Long legs and long lines are key for floorwork. You want to point those toes and keep everything clean. Higher platforms tend to offer a steeper angle on the toe box that makes rocking onto your toe easier. Flamingo-808 heels, with an 8” heel and 4” platform, are a great choice. They aren’t so high that they make it difficult to balance, but they have a particularly nice angle for pointing your toes.

If your floorwork consists more of standing and walking, you can wear a shorter heel, like the Adore-709. It has a 7” heel and 2-3/4" platform, making it more stable. You’ll have to work your calves more to point your toes in them, however. This is great practice for beginners!

The Benefits of Boots Vs. Strappy Heels

Everyone knows strappy heels are super sexy. They’re also lighter than boots, which is good for floor work. Your body is doing all the lifting, rather than using momentum from the pole, so lighter shoes are better here. The Delight-609 is elegant with a light, low platform, making it a lovely choice.

Boots, on the other hand, offer more stability for your ankles and protect your feet during heel kips and the similar moves. The Adore-1020 is a good choice, since the platform is low enough that it doesn’t add too much weight, and the boots still offer protection.

Pleaser Shoes Are For Professionals, Performers, and More

Proper shoes are a key component of floor work. They not only add to your appeal, but also add key stability, weight, and help you build your strength. All Pleaser Shoes are crafted for whatever you get up to, whether on the pole, floor, or anywhere else. If none of these are your style, check out our “What’s New” page for the hottest new shoes.

Finally, follow us on Instagram, we are always sharing additional tips and tricks! Plus we love seeing what the #PolePleaser community is up to!

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