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Tips for Pole Dancing in Winter

The positive mental health benefits of pole dancing will carry you through the long winter months. Pole dancing relieves stress, produces endorphins, lets your mind rest, and gets your creative...

The positive mental health benefits of pole dancing will carry you through the long winter months. Pole dancing relieves stress, produces endorphins, lets your mind rest, and gets your creative juices flowing. Remember to prepare for pole dancing in winter by taking care of your body and your pole dancing shoes!  

Preparing for Pole Dancing Class in Winter

Prepare for your next pole dancing class in a few simple steps. When the weather gets colder, dress in layers to stay warm on your way to the studio. Pole dancing works best when you have as much skin contact with the pole as possible, so choose warm layers you can easily remove when it’s time to get to work, like fleece-lined joggers, long-sleeved tops, and weatherproof jackets. 

Your muscles are at greater risk for strains and injuries during the winter, so in addition to keeping warm on your way to class, you should do a substantial warm-up before you start your workout.

Plan to get together with your pole community for a group practice session or pole dancing class to stay motivated and improve your dancing skills this winter. The workouts will be a good distraction from the cold, and the social support doesn’t hurt, either!

Choosing the Right Pole Dancing Shoe Materials

Dress the part for winter pole dancing sessions with sturdy, durable boots. Selecting the materials for your winter wardrobe is essential. Clean your shoes after you wear them out, and pick a fabric you can wipe clean – leather and suede are best because they’re warm and easily cleaned.

The classic silhouette of the Adore-1020 works for colder months because it covers your feet and ankles. The full inner-side zip closures make it easy to take these boots on and off. Black leather boots are a seasonal staple for a reason!

If you want more coverage while maintaining your grip on the pole, the Delight-3063 thigh-high boots in vegan-friendly faux black leather will do the trick. These boots feature 6” heels and one and ¾” platforms. Sexy full-length lacing up the backs compliment the inside zip closures, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for convenience. 

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to wear black! The Flamingo-1050FS mid-calf boots feature vegan suede uppers and wrapped 4” platform bottoms. Snag these boots in bright colors, including yellow, pink, and purple, to brighten your mood in the dark days of winter.  

Find even more boots from Pleaser Shoes online. With US and international shipping options available, you will be ready for winter almost faster than you can click "Add to Cart!"

Waterproofing Your Heels With A Shoe Protector

Taking care of your Pleaser Shoes is especially important in winter when snow and ice make walking more treacherous. Keep your pole dancing shoes like new by spraying them with a shoe protector before you use them. While warm, leather and suede tend to be more prone to damage, so this is especially important for your winter shoe collection. There are many protectors to choose from – find one that keeps your shoes looking brand new from December to March.

Taking Care of Yourself

Pole dancing is a great way to stay active during the winter months, but take care of your body to remain healthy throughout the year. Hydrate throughout the day and especially after your pole dancing session! It’s easy to forget to drink water in winter. 

The natural oils in your skin help you stick to the pole, so dry skin in winter can make it challenging to maintain your grip. Look for an oil-free moisturizer and apply it after you get out of the shower, so it absorbs into your skin before your next pole dancing session! Exfoliate away dry skin at least once weekly to maintain healthy skin to grip the pole!  

For more tips on how to stay healthy as a pole dancer, check out our blogs on self-care and cross-training

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